bowe-spray-boom irrigation

Our Rainmaker Premium System is a sophisticated way of watering your facility. The sprinkling takes place via a sprayboom that is being transported along the ceiling with the support of an electric engine from one gable to the next. The spray-boom extends over the entire width of the riding surface. The result is a Rainmaker-Premium-System achieving a maximum uniformity of water distribution.

  • Non ageing mist sprinklers
  • Years proven electronic control
  • Extremely robust
  • Easy to use control
  • Separate hoof path irrigation
  • Perfect water spreading
  • Can be implemented anywhere

Features of the Rainmaker Systems:

  • Individual irrigation
    sectional separation of the irrigation
  • Simple handling
    Simple handling through modern TouchPad-Control-Unit, an automatic or manual control via timer is possible
  • Automatic Frost-Free-Control
    Temperature depending Frost-Free-Control with automated emptyin

Features of the Rainmaker Systems:

  • Powerful electric motor
    high-performance three-phase motor with 400V frequency-technology, connection voltage 230V
  • Durable and Reliable
    Water-and power supply stops automatically when the engine is blocked
  • Attractive visual system
    Invisible cable- and hose routing through energy-chain

Rainmaker Premium – the sophisticated type of irrigation