Water supply

Successful Irrigation is dependent upon having sufficient access to water. bowe supplies robust and efficient submersible pumps for all potential sources of irrigation water, whether water extracted from springs or wells and of course rainwater.

Irrigate with free water that falls from the sky!

Rainwater harvesting is not a new concept. For thousands of years, people have been collecting rainwater. Rainwater harvesting is a great choice for many reasons. Firstly, it can provide your own free water supply. It also provides independence from the mains water supply, in case of drought.

As climate change starts to have more of an impact on our weather we can expect hotter summers and wetter winters, so having on-site water storage could become much more important in years to come. A simple technology to be used more and more around the world to provide irrigation uses.

bowe offers 4” submersible pumps for water treatment and distribution: electric motors; electronic control systems and systems and accessories.

all this products are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.
From the very beginning, the producer of this water pumps has been focused on the development of automatic and innovative complete solutions thanks to built-in electronic protections that are ready to use, economical and easy to install. Innovative ideas have been supported by technical know-how and organizational skills gained from long-term experience which is rooted in the know-how of some historic manufacturers in the hydraulic field.
The aim has always been common: to achieve the quality objectives, to be innovative and to meet customer requirements.

bowe pumps – simple, efficient, reliable